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Fletcher Library Book-a-Thon Update!

Fletcher Book-a-Thon Update!

Is your name listed on the updated Book-a-Thon list showing that you reserved and picked up a Fletcher Library book to qualify for the Book-a-Thon? Check the link below.

NOW... you have one more STEP: FILL OUT THE RECORD FORM (linked below) by Wednesday, March 10!*

*If your name is not listed, and you're sure you reserved and picked up a Fletcher Library book between 1/20/2021 and 2/17/2021, please contact Ms. Lee or Ms.Kellye to check our records.

Book-a-Thon Reserved/Picked-up List:

Record Form (due March 10, 2021):

Book-a-Thon Instructions:

All students who are on the Book-a-Thon Reserved/Picked-up List *AND* who fill out the Record Form (due March 10) will be invited to a virtual Book-a-Thon party where we will announce lottery winners for the 112 staff-donated lottery prizes!!

Questions? E-mail Kristen Lee, Fletcher Middle School Teacher Librarian:


Book-a-Thon 2021

January 20th until March 10th

Want a chance to win one of 99 amazing lottery prizes?

Here’s how to participate:

  • Starting January 20 until Wednesday February 17, 2021, request, pick-up, and read at least one book from the Fletcher Library:

    • Instructions on how to request/pick-up Fletcher Library books:

    • Can’t pick-up your book during our Pick-up/Drop-off (8-9:30 AM, Wednesday morning) at the front of the school?

    • Let us know, and we can deliver your book to you with your parents’ permission!

  • Students have one full month to checkout a Fletcher Library Book! 

  • Record the books you read on an online record form which will be available on February 18, 2021)

    • **Important note: you can only access this form from your PAUSD Google account. If the link isn’t working, check to make sure that you are not on your personal Google account.

Important Notes:

  • You must read a minimum of one book (no maximum)!  

    • *One of your books must be checked out from the Fletcher Library, click here for the instructions on how to reserve a book from the Fletcher Library. 

    • Besides the one required Fletcher Library book, any additional books can be from wherever you wish (Fletcher Library, OverDrive/Sora, public library, home, etc.).

    • Your books can be whatever you enjoy reading, and can be in whatever format you prefer (graphic novel, manga, nonfiction, fiction, eBook, audiobook, etc.).

    • Make sure you keep track of the books you read (some students keep a list at home or on a Google Doc, for example).

  • When you are finished reading, you have from February 18th until March 10 (no exceptions) to submit the online record form.

Book-a-Thon Virtual Celebration:

  • Each student who has checked out a book from the Fletcher Library (deadline February 17, 2021) and has filled out the record form (deadline March 10, 2021) will be invited to the virtual Book-A-Thon Celebration 

    • March 17,2021  at lunch (11:40 AM-12:10 PM) via Zoom

  • We will announce the prize winners from a LOTTERY DRAWING for fabulous staff-donated prizes, with every participant getting one chance to win.