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Join the Fletcher “Moving’ in March” Challenge!


Join the Fletcher “Moving’ in March” Challenge!  

For the month of March, students can get moving and qualify for gift card prizes to various stores such as Big5 Sporting Goods, REI, A Runner’s Mind, Fleet Feet, Mike’s Bikes, Books Inc. and more!

Here is how it works:

  1. For the month of March, students should record all of their physical activities on the provided google doc.

  2. Make your own copy of the activity log from the google doc found here.

  3. Each physical activity will have a point value.  If you can’t find a particular exercise on the list, use another one on the list that most closely resembles yours.

  4. For example, if you walk for 30 minutes you would earn 1 point.  If you walk for 60 minutes, you would earn 2 points.

  5. BE SAFE!  Please check with your parents before engaging in exercise/physical activities and be sure to practice respectful and safe behavior.

  6. For the challenge, your goal is to log at least the number of points associated with your grade.  You are welcome to log as many points as you safely can (see below)!

  • 6th grade - Class of 2023 - 23 points

  • 7th grade - Class of 2022 - 22 points

  • 8th grade - Class of 2021 - 21 points

  1. At the end of the March, share your google doc with  All google docs must be submitted by April 2nd to be considered for prizes.

  2. Prizes will be awarded to the top three scoring students in each grade. 

  3. 1st Place $40 gift card

    2nd Place $35 gift card

    3rd Place $30 gift card

  1. For students who meet the challenge requirements listed in #7, your name will be placed in a raffle for $20 gift card prizes too!

  2. We ask that you honestly represent your activities to the best of your knowledge as per the Fletcher honor code.

  3. Have fun and get movin’ in March!