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Math 7A Mastery Test Information

A student who earns 6 Xs for Math 7A on the Sixth Grade Registration and Input form will be automatically placed in Math 7A. If this student feels they have mastered the 7th grade math curriculum and part of the 8th grade common core standards, they will have the opportunity to take the 7th Grade Mastery test. This test will be given each May during the school day to 6th grade students. If students do earn 6 Xs, this is not an indicator of readiness to skip Math 7A. It is an indication of doing very well in Math 6.

Passing this test with a score of 85% or better will allow a student to bypass the accelerated Math 7A class, and the student will be placed into Algebra 8 for 7th grade.

The test addresses the material covered in the Math 7A class. The topics on the test are listed below. Some of these concepts have been introduced in 6th grade math, however, the expectation for mastery at a 7th grade level is quite different than what students have experienced in class. Those interested in taking the test should keep in mind the Common Core State Standards for 7th and 8th grade math when reviewing the below topics.

Some things to consider:

  • The tests covers more than 1.5 years of math. Most students who attempt to pass do not. This indicates they haven’t been exposed to the content, yet. They are still well-prepared for the advanced Math 7A course.
  • ~2 hours to finish the test
  • 2 parts: the majority without a calculator and about 4 problems with a calculator
  • ~20-30 problems, some requiring multiple steps of work
  • If students do not meet the threshold of 85%, the next time to accelerate in math is between the 7th and 8th grade years. See the district's secondary math placement page.

California Common Core Standards for Math 7 and Math 8

Volume and Surface Area
Prisms Cones Spheres Pyramids

Area and Perimeter
Circles Triangles Trapezoids Rectangles Composite figures

Order of Operations

Probability and Statistics

Algebraic Expressions
Simplifying expressions with exponents Evaluating expressions with exponents Combining like terms Distributive property
Absolute Value
Positive and negative exponents Square roots

Applications of Percent

Similarity and Proportions

Pythagorean Theorem

Linear Equations and Inequalities
Solving multi-step equations

Linear Functions
Tables, Graphs, Equations Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Graphing simple quadratic functions

Distance/rate/time word problems

Vertical Adjacent