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Physical Education

PE Teachers

  • Aileen Delaney
  • Cindi Ahern
  • Dave Franceschi
  • Travis Wood
Physical Education teachers will be communicating detailed information about distance learning with their own classes.

6th Grade 

6th Grade students participate in Physical Education class twice each week. Students participate in a wide variety of activities, including team sports, games, rhythm and aquatics.  Emphasis is placed on the importance of positive sportsmanship, cooperation and trying one’s best.

7th and 8th Grade 

Physical Education consists of a program of activities that are designed to develop good basic motor skills, physical fitness, nutrition, and fundamental movement patterns. Emphasis is placed on the importance of positive sportsmanship and cooperation, including respect for one another. Students are provided an introductory exposure to a wide variety of activities, including team sports, individual and dual sports, rhythms and aquatics.

Uniform Information

A Physical Education “Uniform” is necessary during Physical Education Class. This means students must dress appropriately for safe physical activity.  The “uniform” is plain, black, mesh shorts, a plain, light gray, t-shirt, and closed–toe athletic shoes. These items may not contain any pictures, writing or logos. 

As a convenience, Fletcher logo shorts and Fletcher logo t-shirts may be purchased from the school, and these meet the PE requirement for uniforms. The cost is $12 for shirts and $12 for shorts.