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World Languages


  • Matt Hall – Japanese
  • Margarita Mendez - Spanish
  • Diana Modica – French

Three languages are currently available to students – French, Japanese, and Spanish. The number of students enrolled will determine whether the class ultimately will be available. With a pre-enrollment of at least 24 students, beginning language courses (the 1A series) will be offered. As soon as course requests are tallied, students will be notified in the event the language they have requested will not be taught at their school of attendance.

Each world language course develops self-confidence through the study of a second language and fosters an appreciation for that language and its culture. In selecting a world language, students should be guided primarily by their own interests. Capable students who wish to study more than one language at a time may do so. Homework in world language classes is given daily.

Seventh graders enroll in the course numbered 1A. In the 8th grade, they continue with the course numbered 1B. This two-year sequence in middle school is equivalent to the first year of high school study. Beginning language classes are not offered in grade eight, but students may begin language study in grade nine. The district guarantees a sequence of three levels in each language. However, the district does not guarantee offering all languages at any of the three middle schools or both high schools.