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Students, while you are not required to join clubs, we encourage you to do so!

Clubs meet at various times and days. Most clubs run all year, but occasionally new clubs are offered.

Here are the clubs open to ALL STUDENTS for the 2022-2023 school year.

Fletcher Club Meetings for 2022-2023

Day Club Where When Teacher
Monday Programming E6A Lunch Helsaple
Monday Video Gaming A29 Lunch Rosenblatt
Monday Science J7 (Outside) Lunch Carlson
Tuesday Chess D8 Lunch Delaney
Tuesday Puzzle G10 Lunch McKinney
Tuesday Friendship J8 Lunch Dorosti
Tuesday Dungeons & Dragons H3 3:25PM Casey
Tuesday A-cappella C3 (Outside) Lunch Denny
Tuesday Newspaper K-Wing Lunch Lucia
Tuesday Projects for the Planet H8 Lunch Antonio
Wednesday Science Olympiad J4 Lunch Wallace
Wednesday Games Kickball Field Lunch Ahern
Wednesday GSA K-Wing Lunch Lee
Wednesday Aviation H11 Lunch Maher
Wednesday Spanish K10 Lunch Mendez
Wednesday Friendship J8 Lunch Dorosti
Thursday Youth Community Service (YCS) A27 Lunch Ziegleman
Thursday Circus Cafe Lunch Ellington
Thursday Speed Cubing G8 Lunch Cox
Thursday Art G10 Lunch McKinney
Thursday Friendship J8 Lunch Dorosti
Friday Jr Thespians C7 Lunch Ellington
Friday Muslim Student Union H4 Lunch Driscoll
Friday Creative Writing H11 Lunch Maher
Friday Math Circle E5 1:45-2:45PM Jorgens