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Health Office

The health of our students is important. The district's health web page offers information that may be helpful to your family. This includes health requirements, 7th-grade immunization requirements, forms for student health conditions, lice policy and general protocols for anaphylactic reaction.

The Health Office phone number is 650-856-9810 x5806.

Health Insurance

Student Accident & Health Insurance is available to parents for voluntary purchase through Myers-Stevens & Toohey & Co. Inc. Information about Student Accident and Health Insurance can be found here: Although care is exercised to prevent accidents, neither the Board of Education nor the school can assume responsibility for accidents or injuries to students participating in school work in the classrooms, laboratories, shops, locker rooms, physical education activities, on the stage or in athletic practice and games.

Emergency Information

It is essential that student emergency information is complete and up to date in the office. This information must be entered electronically (through Infinite Campus). Please make sure your child's emergency information is always current in Infinite Campus and then call the Data Office with any change (especially phone numbers) during the year. When we have a serious accident, we need parental help immediately. For your student's safety and in order for us to respond to your child's health and safety needs in a timely manner, we request all updated emergency information.

Health Appointments

Parents should make every effort to schedule appointments outside of school hours. However, if not possible, parents are urged to consider varying the times of the day during which health appointments are made in order to avoid missing the same class consistently. If a student must miss class during the day for a doctor/dentist appointment, please notify the attendance office.

Health Related Absences

The district realizes that students may experience illness or health issues (physical/mental) throughout the year, requiring them to be absent from school. In order to provide appropriate supports to students with situational or chronic health issues, the following procedures apply.

In health-related cases, in which the student is absent 5 consecutive full days, a physician's note is required in order to excuse the absences. In cases where the student is absent over the equivalent of 10% of class time for any individual class in the semester (after initial enrollment date) for health reasons, a physician's note is required in order to excuse the absences. Health related absences may not be excused without appropriate medical documentation provided by a physician or other licensed medical provider. Chronic absences shall be referred to the health office or district nurse.

P.E. Medical Excuses

If a student cannot take part in full physical education activities, a written note must be sent by the parent or guardian. The note will be honored up to three days, after which a doctor's note will be required. Students will be expected to complete an alternate assignment related to Physical Education.


If a student requires medication, including over-the-counter medication, at school during school hours, the parent/guardian must provide the school with:

  1. A written statement from the attending physician with specific directions for administration of the medication
  2. A signed release from the parent/guardian for a school employee to administer medication and
  3. The medication in the original pharmacy container clearly marked with the student's name and name of prescribing physician.

Appropriate forms are available at the Health Office or on the Fletcher website. Forms must be submitted every year. Additional forms are required for students with asthma or past anaphylactic reactions. These forms are available on the PAUSD website. Please contact the health technician if there are further questions.