Teachers: Margarita Mendez, Vyjayanthi Raman, Raquel Rubalcaba Garrido

French, Spanish

7th or 8th grade
One Year Elective

French 1A          8th grade: French 1B

Spanish 1A         8th grade: Spanish 1B

Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1

Two languages are currently available to students – French and Spanish. The number of students enrolled will determine whether the class ultimately will be available. With a pre-enrollment of at least 24 students, beginning language courses (the 1A series) will be offered. As soon as course requests are tallied, students will be notified in the event the language they have requested will not be taught at their school of attendance.

Each foreign language course develops self-confidence through the study of a second language and fosters an appreciation for that language and its culture. In selecting a foreign language, students should be guided primarily by their own interests. Capable students who wish to study more than one language at a time may do so. Homework in foreign language classes is given daily.

Seventh graders enroll in the course numbered 1A. In the 8th grade, they continue with the course numbered 1B. This two-year sequence in middle school is equivalent to the first year of high school study. Beginning language classes are not offered in grade eight, but students may begin language study in grade nine. The district guarantees a sequence of three levels in each language. However, the district does not guarantee offering all languages at any of the three middle schools or both high schools.

General Course Descriptions

Students of French and Spanish will develop growing proficiency in the four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and gain understanding of the structure of the language appropriate to the level of instruction. They will also gain a familiarity with and appreciation of the culture of the linguistic community.

Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1 is designed for students who are native speakers of Spanish and is composed of 7th and 8th graders. It is to give students knowledge and appreciation of Spanish-American culture and thereby to increase their self-esteem. They will learn to distinguish and value the difference between colloquial and academic language. They will perfect their writing as well as their speaking ability in Spanish. Placement at the high school for 8th graders into Spanish for Spanish Speakers 2 is determined by the teacher. A grade of “C” is generally necessary to advance to the next level.

The Standards for World Language Learning – The Five C's

In all of the foreign language classes teachers incorporate into the course work the national standards for foreign language learning. These standards overlap each other in instruction and help make foreign language learning relevant and meaningful. The five standards are:

Communication: Communicate in Languages Other than English

  1. Interpersonal Communication - Students engage in conversations, provide and obtain information, express feelings and emotions, and exchange opinions.
  2. Interpretive Communication - Students understand and interpret written and spoken language on a variety of topics.
  3. Presentational Communication - Students present information, concepts, and ideas to an audience of listeners or readers on a variety of topics.

Cultures: Gain knowledge and Understanding of Other Culture

  1. Practice of Culture - Students demonstrate an understanding of the relationships between the practices and perspectives of the cultures studied.
  2. Products of Culture - Students demonstrate an understanding of the relationships between the products and perspectives of the cultures studied.

Connections: Connect with Other Disciplines and Acquire Information

  1. Furthering Connections - Students reinforce and further their knowledge of other disciplines through the foreign language.
  2. Acquiring Information - Students acquire information and recognize the distinctive viewpoints that are only available through the foreign language and its culture.

Comparisons: Develop Insight into the Nature of Language and Culture

  1. Language Comparisons - Students demonstrate understanding of the nature of language through comparisons of the language studied and their own.
  2. Cultural Comparisons - Students demonstrate understanding of the concept of culture through comparisons of the culture studied and their own.

Communities: Participating in Multilingual Communities at Home and Around the World

  1. School and Community - Students use the language both within and beyond the school setting.

Life-long Learning - Students show evidence of becoming life-long learners by using the language for personal enjoyment and enrichment.